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The Senior Resource Group is a premier field marketing organization (FMO) with an extensive network of partnerships with national insurance carriers. What does that mean for you and your business? It could mean the difference between stagnation and real, sustained growth.
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The last FMO you’ll ever need

There are dozens of insurance FMOs. Why work with The Senior Resource Group in particular? Because when you partner with us, you get the potential for:
  • Access to more than one carrier. Working with an FMO or field marketing organization (FMO) gives you access to more than one carrier. The Senior Resource Group brings deep connections to multiple national carriers.
  • Commission Tracking. SRG has a dedicated team of staff accountants and commission analysts to ensure you are being paid properly by the carriers. We audit commissions for you as a free service and provide you access to your book of business with real time status updates through our proprietary commission platform.
  • Marketing assistance. You need leads to get more business. Our elite insurance marketing team can help you keep the leads pouring in.
  • Ongoing training. The constant change in the insurance industry makes it hard to know where to look for the need-to-know information. We do that for you and deliver the knowledge to you in the form of comprehensive continuing education.
  • Leading insurance tech. It’s the digital age, so if your insurance business is still working only on paper and in person, you’re already behind. We’ll help you get ahead and stay there.

What is an FMO in insurance?

There’s no need for alphabet soup, so let’s be clear about the acronyms: FMO stands for field marketing organization. And The Senior Resource Group is an FMO. Here’s what that means: we are a top-level organization with partnerships and licenses that allow us to sell insurance products in more than 25 states.
FMOs like The Senior Resource Group are knowledgeable about the insurance industry and have deep connections with carriers large and small. We use that knowledge and those connections to get lots of contracts and contracts with higher commissions. This is the key reason why independent agents and brokers want to partner with FMOs, but we bring even more to the table with our best-in-the-industry training programs, comprehensive support and cutting-edge technological platforms that enable you to do your business faster and better.

What is an IMO in insurance?

At its core, an IMO is basically the same as an FMO. It’s an organization that helps independent insurance agents and brokers get more contracts and better contracts. However, IMOs tend to be somewhat smaller and less connected than the top FMOs, and they often have a focus on life insurance products. 
While The Senior Resource Group does deal in life insurance, among other products, we maintain excellent relationships with large and small carriers across the country.

At The Senior Resource Group, we are …

A Medicare FMO

Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans are a big part of what we do. We get you access to the top commissionable contracts and provide dedicated support to help you navigate Medicare’s choppy waters.

A health insurance FMO

We love doing Medicare, but that’s not all we do. We also help our agents provide their clients with the best Affordable Care Act and similar policies — policies that truly meet clients’ needs while also bringing in competitive commissions.

A life insurance FMO

We fill the gap between independent life insurance agents and their clients. By stepping in and taking marketing, training and lead management, as well as the hard work of fostering relationships with leading carriers, off of your shoulders, we replace the life insurance sales teams of the past with a nimble, effective solution.

Grow your business by partnering with an FMO

Why work with an FMO as an insurance agent? Because partnering with an FMO can broaden your connections and make career and salary growth possible. However, not all FMOs are the same. Only the top FMOs, like The Senior Resource Group, have the actual experience and network required to help you grow your business and climb to the top of your market.
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