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Insurance agent jobs are attractive because of the flexibility they offer. As an independent insurance agent, you are your own boss. You make your own hours. How much work you’re willing to put in determines how much you earn.
That kind of flexibility can be an enormous blessing, but it can also be a curse if you get stuck inside the hamster wheel of working with a single carrier, managing your lead flow, marketing yourself and finding time to actually get out there and sell. If you’re stuck focusing on every single moving part, you never get a true chance to become a whole insurance selling machine. 
This is precisely why field marketing organizations like The Senior Resource Group exist: to make sure insurance agents’ jobs are not only manageable, but profitable, fulfilling and even fun. How do we do that? By handling your marketing, providing a simple, effective CRM, keeping you informed and connecting you with multiple carriers with higher commissions and better products.

More leads, more contracts

The formula is simple: The Senior Resource Group leverages a vast network of insurance industry connections to help you pair the best insurance and financial products with those who need them most, your clients. When you get access to multiple carriers, you instantly have access to the most attractive products, and that keeps the leads flowing.
As any insurance agent knows, more leads means more contracts. And that means more commissions. That’s how you grow with SRG. but we take it a step further by providing invaluable insurance training in diverse areas, covering everything from sales techniques to certification requirements.

Becoming an insurance agent

Becoming an insurance agent is one thing; becoming an insurance agent with a six-figure salary is entirely another. Our goal is to help you turn your license into a rewarding, lifelong career. But first, you will have to do the work of actually getting licensed to sell insurance in your state. Here’s how the process usually goes:

Get certified

Every state requires insurance agents to pass a certification test and background check before they can become licensed. You will need to study for the exam and pass it in the state in which you plan to sell insurance. 
Keep in mind that different kinds of insurance sometimes require different types of insurance exams. For example, to sell Medicare Advantage plans, you will have to acquire America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) certification. 
Another thing to keep in mind is your desire and ability to sell insurance in multiple states. You’ll need to be certified to sell insurance in the state you’re actually selling from, but you will also need to obtain certification in any states you plan to sell insurance in over the phone or online.

Contract with carriers

Once you’ve gotten certified, you will need to develop a partnership with a carrier — preferably a large one that can offer a large variety of plans and products. The carrier you choose can have a huge impact on your ability to sell, as some carriers are very clearly better than others. Many carriers will also have their own requirements for agents and brokers, so be sure you understand these for any carrier you are considering.

Market your services and sell

Then, you have to do the actual work of getting the word out and making sales. You can say it in a few words, but actually doing it takes a lot of work. Will you have a website? Will you generate your own leads? Will you pay for your own technology? Each has its ups and downs, gives you access to different kinds of leads and brings its own requirements and considerations to the table. At the end of the day, you will have to compete with dozens of other independent agents in your area, so you need a solid plan to actually make yourself competitive.

An alternative: partner with The Senior Resource Group

The team at The Senior Resource Group would like to offer an alternative to — or at least a heavily modified version of — the above process. It’s simple: partner with us. You will still have to get licensed and sell, but we take care of all that difficult, time-intensive stuff in between. We already partner with large and small carriers across the country, and we provide world-class marketing services that turn insurance agent jobs into insurance agent careers. That gives you more time and more ability to turn your license into a six-figure business

You sell insurance. We do the rest.

Insurance agent jobs come with a lot of opportunity and an equal number of potential headaches. At The Senior Resource Group, we’re focused on eliminating the headaches of marketing, carrier contracting, continuing education and lead management so you can keep a clear head and do what you do best: sell insurance. 
This is how we’ve helped countless agents and brokers grow their businesses. It’s how we can help you, too. Contact us today to learn how to become an insurance agent with The Senior Resource Group.

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