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Today, The Senior Resource Group is a leading insurance marketing organization providing plans and financial products in more than half of the United States. Rewind to 2008, when The Senior Resource Group was founded, and there is no large network of national insurance carriers working with us, no truly change-driving training programs for insurance agents and no path to six figures with The Senior Resource Group lighting the way.

Instead, there was only an unmet need in the insurance industry — one The Senior Resource Group founders Joshua Rhodes and Shane Souders sought to fill. Since then, the road to becoming a premier insurance marketing group has had its fair share of challenges, but the success and growth we have helped our family of agents and brokers achieve has paid off enormously every single time.
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We Are an Insurance Marketing Super Agency

The Senior Resource Group is part of a family of companies that merged in 2020 to better serve clients and agents across our network. Our company merged with Senior Family Services and Right Choice under AmeriLife to expand our group’s network and available services.
Before the merger, The Senior Resource Group was a veteran agency with a strong infrastructure and access to cutting-edge technology that was a one-stop shop for agents looking to grow their businesses. A powerhouse sales agency in the Northeast, Senior Family Services brought to the table strong recruiting prowess, while Right Choice added its excellent recruiting, impressive sales skills and growing reputation in the New Jersey and Florida markets. Combined, our family of companies gets to let these skills shine even brighter to better serve our clients.

Helping Insurance Agents Achieve Their Career Goals

The Senior Resource Group co-founders Joshua Rhodes and Shane Souders came to the insurance marketing field with extensive experience as brokers. That experience afforded them deep knowledge of the needs of brokers and agents that has informed every decision on the SRG timeline up to the present day.
In other words, we are by brokers and for brokers and agents. For us, that means our core guiding principle is all about helping insurance professionals achieve their career goals. Fostering connections with national insurance carriers that provide the best Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans, Affordable Care Act policies, life insurance, final expense plans and financial products has enabled us to achieve that goal.
The Senior Resource Group takes this commitment several steps further by providing industry-best training materials that help agents understand the changing market and how to succeed within it. With our arsenal of training tools, leading insurance tech and comprehensive support, we have enabled agents to grow their businesses and reach six-figure incomes within two years of partnership.

Growing Agencies and Brokerages

In insurance, you don’t coast. You grow to succeed. Growing means serving more clients, bringing more revenue to your business and developing your skills and network. As an insurance marketing organization, this is what we help agents do.
With a consultative approach, complete with comprehensive assistance and informed guidance, The Senior Resource Group brings agents, agencies, and brokers to new heights. In doing so, we help our partners provide their clients with the best in Medicare plans, life insurance policies and more.

Meeting Clients’ Needs

Successful insurance agencies and brokers help more people get the products they need. This is the win-win scenario that has played out time and again in The Senior Resource Group's history of more than 13 years, and we aim to continue helping more agents help more clients.

Dedicated to Our Values and Ethics

This is our core business model: support insurance agents and broker partners in growing their businesses while remaining committed to the ethics and high standards of quality that brought us here in the first place. So far, it’s working. 
Call it a philosophy, a business model or a core value — whatever you call it, it has helped us become a leading insurance marketing organization. Our own success is a direct result of the success we have fostered for our family of broker and agent partners.

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Insurance Marketing That Makes a Difference

If you’re ready to join the The Senior Resource Group family and grow your business, we’re ready to meet you. Contact us today.


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