The Benefits of Pre-Set Appointments in the Insurance Market

The biggest problem facing agents in the health insurance industry is trying to get that all-important, face-to-face interaction with a prospective client. Any good agent will tell you that once they get in front of an interested buyer, they can close the deal. The issue is not making the sale, but rather getting that opportunity to make the sale.

Appointment setting is the most challenging aspect of business development and a serious hurdle for agents trying to grow their business. Instead of focusing all of their time into closing the deal with someone they know is interested, agents have to spend significant amounts of time searching for, and trying to make appointments with, potential customers. Lead generation and appointment setting are critical components to securing new business, but when an agent tries to do these by themselves it becomes overwhelming and an inefficient use of resources.

The solution to these problems is simple -- pre-set appointments.

Pre-set appointments take the aggravation out of the process and allow agents to concentrate on doing what they do best- selling health insurance plans to people that need them. Below is a list of some of the advantages agents have from using pre-set appointments:

  • No more cold-calling
    • Cold-calling is a tedious process that only yields marginal results if you reach out to a substantial number of people. For every 100 calls made, you will be lucky to generate interest from 10 of those people. Pre-set appointments save agents the time and hassle of having to cold-call people

  • Identify consumers in need of your product
    • Everyone that you talk to through a pre-set appointment is someone that is interested in buying what you are selling. No more wasting time dealing with people who don’t want or need your product.

  • Your name is the first they hear
    • Pre-set appointments engage people – those who have been identified as potential customers -- before they have a chance to explore other options. So, not only are they interested in what you are selling, but you will also be the first person they talk to about buying.

  • Focus all of your effort into selling
    • The work of trying to identify and reach out to potential clients has been done for you. Now, you can concentrate on closing the sale and earning your commission.

  • Save and earn more money
    • Pre-set appointments is a more efficient way of doing business that not only saves you time and money, but will also generate more revenue through increased sales. More appointments means more sales.

Using pre-set appointments is an invaluable asset to any agent in terms of what it will save in opportunity costs to you and your business. All of the time you spend trying to look for prospective leads and set appointments is time that you could be spending face-to-face with someone that you know is already interested in buying what you are selling. Ultimately, pre-set appointments save you valuable time, resources and, most importantly, money.

So what are you waiting for? Join SRG and take advantage of our excellent pre-set appointments to increase your sales and your bottom-line.

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