Earn a cash bonus

with every app.

(after 10 sales)

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Earn cash bonuses with each Medigap sale with
AmeriHealth's Medigap Plan N & Plan F
AmeriHealth is the top MediGap carrier in NJ!

How much you can earn:

Sales Bonus
0-9 $0.00
10-19 $25.00
20-29 $50.00
30-39 $75.00
40-49 $100.00
50+ $150.00

Qualifying requirements:
ou become eligible to receive a bonus after you make 10 sales of qualifying products. Bonus payments to be made monthly. The level of bonus to be applied to the sale of all qualifying products will be determined retroactively. This means an agent's total sales of all qualifying products will determine the bonus level to be applied to all sales of qualifying products. For example: Agent A sells 45 qualifying products; Agent A will receive a total bonus of $4,500.00 (45x100). Agent B sells a total of 25 qualifying products; Agent B will receive a total bonus of $1,250.00 (25x50).

Qualifying products:
Only select, new NJ AmeriHealth Medigap Plans(Medicare Supplement Plans N & F) sold will be counted toward the qualifying requirements.

Other details:
Policy effective date on qualifying products must be between Jan. 1, 2015 and Dec 31, 2015. Qualifying production is based on all new, issued Medicare Plan N and Plan F policies and each qualified product must be issued for an effective date on or before December 1, 2015. INTERNAL REPLACEMENTS OR EXCHANGES DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS CONTEST QUALIFICATION.

*AmeriHealth Medigap Plans are offered through AmeriHealth Insurance Company of New Jersey.

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*Qualification period from January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015
*NJ Medigap plans N & F - after 10 sales

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