Are you fully utilizing all of your leads and sources?

The reality of insurance sales and the necessity of leads

The problem is you do not want to waste your time or money on bad leads. Finding quality leads is essential for any insurance agent.

As an agent you need to decide what types of leads to pursue. Weigh the pros and cons of each lead and figure out which would be the most beneficial to you. The most common leads are Internet, shared or exclusive, direct mail, live transfer, pre-set appointments, and referrals:

  • Internet

Internet leads are leads that you can buy from companies who have gathered information from people searching for insurance quotes online and requesting additional information. They are a great place to start and find new leads. Internet leads are easy to buy and provide you with all the necessary information on interested clients. The problem is that if you accidently get involved with companies/websites who obtain client information in a suspicious or misleading way, your reputation could suffer.

  • Shared or exclusive

Shared leads are leads that are given to more than one agent. Any given lead can be sold to anywhere between 2-8 agents. These leads are great because if there is not a lot of competition they do not cost a lot. The problem arises when there is competition, which makes it more difficult for you to secure the clients.

Exclusive leads are usually from smaller companies that do not have a large enough volume to sell shared leads. Exclusive leads are good because there is no competition, but they cost more.

  • Direct Mail

Direct mail is when agents or companies mail brochures, flyers, or surveys to consumers and then sell the name of the responders to insurance agents.

Direct mail is great because the people who respond to the mail are people who are interested and invested, so it is easier to make a sale. On the downside, direct mail can be expensive.

  • Live Transfer

Live transfer leads or more commonly called telemarketing is actually very successful. It is an easy way to access a large number of people at once and the cost per call is low. The problem is if you do not make the calls yourself the cost to buy these leads is high.

  • Pre-set Appointments

Pre-set appointments are the best insurance leads. Telemarketing firms will make calls and then make a list of interested prospects. Then they will book an appointment for you and call you with all the details. There is no sale work involved and your chance of successfully selling a product is very high. The problem is that pre-set appointments are very expensive.

  • Referrals

Referrals are the highest quality insurance lead and usually the least expensive to get. Use referrals! They are underutilized in the insurance world. Get your friends and family to spread your information. People are more likely to use referrals because they establish a sense of trust.

Try to find the right blend of these types of leads to augment your sales and succeed at hitting your sales goals. If you need help with your leads, SRG is here for you: Contact us today and find out about our exciting opportunities to help you succeed. 

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