Here are some insurance marketing tips from SRG

Marketing Tips from the SRG

Agents know what they are doing when it comes to selling plans, but where they struggle is strategically marketing their services to the people that need them. Recruiting new customers requires a focused and efficient marketing strategy that will generate brand recognition, as well as engage current and prospective clients. Developing and executing such a strategy is a difficult undertaking that can leave agents feeling helpless. Luckily, The Senior Resource Group has come up with several tips that will help you create a successful marketing campaign.

Know your target audience

  • Understanding who it is that you are trying to reach out to is one of, if not the most, important things to consider for marketing. Age, location, gender, marital status and medical history are some of the things that should be taken into consideration when developing a marketing strategy. Different populations and groups of people will have different needs when it comes to health insurance needs. Recognizing the needs of the specific group of people you are targeting will allow you to define the appropriate marketing message, as well as choose the most effective channel of communication. Older generations are likely to prefer more traditional information outlets, such as email or even direct mail, while younger generations are more adapt to the internet and receive most of their information intake from social media or other online sources. The important thing to remember here is that you have to match your marketing approach to your audience.

Use the internet to your advantage

  • Email, social media and a website are all simple, cheap ways to engage with your target audience. Each of these are powerful outreach tools and your goal should be to have all your channels working in sync. Email messages should include links to your social media pages and website. Social media pages should have links to your website as well as contact information. Your website should have links to social media as well as a place for consumers to sign up for email alerts. Essentially you want to market your other marketing tools. This cross-channel strategy will ensure success for your online marketing campaign.
  • Online marketing also makes it easy to measure how well you are engaging with consumers. On your website you can track the number of visits, time spent on the site and content downloads. Email allows you to see subscription and unsubscribe rates as well as click-to-open rates. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all have features that track engagement-likes, follows, re-tweets, shares, etc.- and can create opportunities for open dialogues with comment sections and online chat capabilities.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

  • Don’t be just another agent; give consumers a reason why they should give you their business as opposed to anyone else. Show them that you care about more than just money and offer them health and wellness guidance to help them live a healthier lifestyle. Give them tips on how to effectively utilize their health benefits. Go above and beyond just selling health plans to become a trusted source of health care information. Showing people that you care will make them want to do business with you and allow you to distance yourself from the competition.

Have set goals and measure your progress

  • Start your campaign with concrete goals that you want to reach and measure your progress along the way. How many people do you want to contact? How many people contacted you back? How many new clients did you sign? How many old clients renewed their plan? Start by saying you want to reach out to X number of people and then keep track of what percentage of those people contact you with interest and how many you actually sign. Set new goals once you reach your old ones and constantly measure your progress to help find which channels of communication are working and which aren’t.

So, are you maximizing all of the opportunities before you? If not, or if you simply need a bit of help or a helping hand, let SRG help you and train you to succeed in your business goals. What are you waiting for? Join us

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